Your skin is covered with patches which in no way can free?

No worries us the problems can not be solved.

Yourself get lotion parsley that will in a very short time successfully troubleshoot your problem.

Get rid of spots and freckles on her face lotion parsley.choose-a-whitening-cosmetic-for-your-skin

The spots on the skin are due to various influences, such as exposure to sunlight, improper treatment of acne, use a wide variety of cosmetic products or irregularities skin pigmentation and aging such irregularities have become increasingly prominent.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to resort to expensive cosmetic preparations which, frankly, do not give too much effect, because some plants, like lemon, radish and parsley, natural bleach spots.

Preparations for the successful removal of spots from your skin can get themselves lemon and parsley proven to work in this field.

Vitamin C in the body can, in addition to eating food that is rich in it, enter through cosmetics.

Deficiency results in the loss of water in the skin and decreased synthesis of collagen, which is important for the growth and regeneration of cells of body tissues, bones and teeth, resulting in thinning of the skin and sensitivity to external influences.

Recipe for making lotion lemon and parsley, which refreshes and cleanses the skin and reduces pores:

1 dl lemon juice
2 tablespoons parsley
1.5 dl of distilled water
0.5 dl 70 percent alcohol

Chop parsley and pour distilled water and alcohol. Shake the jar, close and let stand overnight.

The next day, strain the liquid and add the lemon juice. Apply lotion in the morning to cleansed face and neck.

Keep it in a dark bottle.

Performance: daily use of freckles and scars will disappear from the skin in the foreseeable future.