Extended (varicose) veins are superficial venous system disease. With joint symptoms and complications this are the most common disease of the blood vessels of the leg.

Tomato has healing properties because in its seeds there is a substance that is in its properties similar to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).

This acid is considered to be an anticoagulant, a substance that thins the blood and not giving it to stagnate. There are two ways to cure varicose veins using green and red ripe tomatoes.

Green (unripe) tomato is a simple home remedy for varicose veins

Wash a few green tomatoes and cut them into slices. Slices of tomatoes should be placed on the nodes of varicose veins in the same vein as the existing capillary venous mesh. Fix some bandage if it’s necessary.

Keep tomatoes at these locations until you fill little burning on the skin.

If it’s burning and can’t take it, immediately remove the tomatoes and wash with cold water.

But if this procedure is well tolerated, the result will be visible very quickly.

This procedure should be repeated 5 times a day, preferably in a row.

After two weeks of daily implementation of these procedures, venous nodes will begin to fade.How to Cure Varicose Veins with the Help of Tomato

Apart from green tomatoes, for disappearing varicose veins also red tomatoes can help

The procedure is similar to the previous one.

Ripped red tomatoes should be washed, cut into thin slices and place on a painful veins in 3-4 hours and consolidate some bandage.

This procedure is best to use in the evening or at night.

Kura treatment is individual. You have to work all summer and in combination with green tomatoes.

source: Healthy Life Tricks