Ebola virus from the family Filoviridae cause is ebola haemorrhagic fever – a disease that is often fatal for humans and mammals.

In many types of viruses, mortality is as high as 90%.

Ebola is really the most deadly virus on the planet, so it is clear public concern because of the Ebola epidemic in Africa, which could soon affect the entire world.

For fear of Ebola, the World Health Organization approved the use of an experimental drug TKM-Ebola.ebola-virus

However, it is still not known what health effects can have this drug.

The story is about compulsory vaccination against Ebola, which is also still in the testing phase.

Vitamin C can win Ebola virus

Ebola virus causes bleeding more quickly than any other fatal infection, because the virus rapidly and completely metabolized in the body and consumes all supplies of vitamin C.

It is noteworthy that the disease haemorrhagic fever experiencing epidemic proportions in countries whose population is expected to have a low body dose of vitamin C, such as severely malnourished many Africans.

Due to the severe lack of vitamin C the body for only a few days out of the advanced stage of scurvy which is characterized by easy and profuse bleeding.

If patients do not provide therapy to high doses of vitamin C leads to severe shock and death because the body does not have enough antibodies to destroy the virus.

Simple chemical structure of vitamin C that allows it to spread throughout the body with small limitations.

Giving high doses of vitamin C intravenously in practice introduced by Fred Klenner who experimented in the treatment of patients mega doses of this vitamin.vitamin-c-pills

In laboratory professional research has proven that vitamin C blocks the propagation of the virus in cell cultures and prevent weakening of the immune system.

Doctor Cathcart, who previously explored the bowel tolerance to therapy large amounts of vitamin C, it is assumed that Ebola and other viral haemorrhagic fevers may require a dose of 500 000 mg per day.

It is interesting that megadose vitamin C therapy are practically no serious side effects except for nausea or diarrhea.

If this estimate is correct, it is clear that an infected person in the beginning of therapy should receive strong doses of vitamin C intravenously and that should continue with this therapy to cure.

For hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola death occurs very quickly, and alternative doctors believe that in case of infection should not be a long wait.

Therapy with vitamin C has to be applied immediately, in large doses, and it intravenously.