Thanks to their therapeutic properties, essential oils have been used for centuries as part of the aromatherapy.

In addition, they’re derived from stems, leaves, or roots of herbs and plants that have various health benefits.

Frankincense oil is popular essential oil that is also called the King of Oils. This oil offers a variety of health-promoting properties. Specifically, Frankincense oil has been long used as a valuable and precious essential oil.

This type of oil is derived from the bark of Boswellias trees in a form of a resin. Moreover, the quality and color of the resin could vary, so that a clear and silver resin is considered as the highest quality, whereas a brown-yellow resin as the lowest quality.


1.Speeds up the Healing of Burns, Scrapes, Cuts, and Wounds

In case of cuts, burns, wounds, or scrapes, it is advisable to apply thin layer of Lavender essential oil on the affected skin area. Next, you should apply another layer of Frankincense oil. If you use these 2 oils together, they can hasten the healing process of your cuts or wounds.

2.Strengthens the Immune System

You can strengthen your immune system by massaging several drops of the oil into the balls of the feet. However, make sure you repeat the same procedure every day. Also, consider diffusing the oil throughout your home.

3.Provides Great Neurological Support

By using this oil, you can greatly improve your central nervous system function, thus offering excellent neurological support. Also, the oil improves the clarity of thinking, and maintains emotional balance

4.Lowers and Fades the Appearance of Scars

All you need to do is mix some coconut oil with 2-3 drops of frankincense oil and apply it directly on your scars.

5.Decreases Anxiety and Stress

The regular use of the oil provides relaxation and calmness. Just apply several drops of it diluted with a carrier oil on the back of your neck in case of a stressful situation.

6.Promotes Hormonal Balance and Excellent Memory

By using Frankincense essential oil you can prevent hormonal imbalance as well as improve your memory.

7.Alleviates Tension Headaches

Apply a couple of drops of Frankincense onto your temples and gently massage the area. In this way, you can alleviate your tension headache.

8.Reduces the Symptoms of Nasal Congestion

Pour water in a pot and then heat it. Then, add 6 drops of Frankincense oil to it. Next, you should bend over it and cover your head with a towel. Inhale the vapors for several minutes. You can also add more hot water into it as needed.

9.Soothes Itching

Apply a drop of the oil to the itching area to relieve itching.

10.Lowers Swelling and Joint Pain

If you are suffering from joint pain and swelling, then consider combining some Frankincense with a carrier oil. Afterwards, apply it into the joints by gently massaging them during the day

11.Clears up Problematic Skin

It is recommended to dab a single drop of it on the affected skin area in the morning and before bedtime.

12.Relaxes the Body and Mind

By adding about 6 drops of it to a diffuser and breathing in the oil you can create a calming atmosphere. It can also open the senses and totally relax you.

13.Rejuvenates the Skin

The only thing you should do is make a mixture of several drops of the oil and unscented oil, such as coconut oil and then apply it to the skin.

14.Eliminates Skin Tags, Warts, and Moles

In case of such skin issues, it is advisable to apply one drop of the oil on the affected area 4 times daily until you notice some improvements.

15.Provides Vision Clarity

Apply a couple of drops of the oil to your index finger and then rub it onto both temples. Furthermore, it will actually provide vision clarity and improves concentration.

16.Supports Good Oral Health

Frankincense can be used in the prevention of toothaches, canker sores, bad breath, cavities, etc. You can prepare your own homemade toothpaste by combining some Frankincense oil with coconut oil and baking soda.

17.Prevents Sleep Problems

You can slow down your breathing, reduce your nervous tension and anxiety as well as improve your sleep patterns by diffusing Frankincense before bedtime.

18.Neutralized Bad Odors

Add 2-3 of drops of it in a small dish of water to remove any bad odors from your home.

19.Improves the Effectiveness of Other Essential Oils

You can improve the properties of other oil and make it enter the cells by applying a thin layer of Frankincense over any other essential oil.

source: DailyHealthKeeper