Cooking with olive oil, coconut oil or butter is way better than with vegetable oil, proved with studies. Cooking with vegetable oil releases some dangerous chemicals that lead  to cancer as well as other  diseases. Scientists are digging deeper into  results.

They have found out that vegetable oils are releasing high concentration ofaldehydes- chemicals linked to life-threatening diseases : cancer, heart diseases and dementia.

Leader of experiments , Martin Grootveld, said that a meal of fish and chips fried in vegetable oil contains 200 times more toxic aldehydes comparing to normal – safe daily limit.

Cooking with olive oil, butter produces lower levels of aldehydes. But, coconut oil gives the best results – produces the lowest levels of dangerous chemicals.

Professor Stein is Oxford’s emeritus professor of neuroscience. He claims that  human brain is changing due to corn and sunflower oils.

It was a mistake advising to use vegetable oils for cooking. It must be replaced with butter or olive or the best coconut oil.

Bur Professor Grootveld from De Montfort University in Leicester is not agreeing  with that.His study are showing vegetable oils undergo a very complex procedures of chemical reactions.  Due to  accumulation of huge amounts of dangerous compounds.

Nutritionists warn about frying your food- to protect yourself from dangerous diseases don’t  eat processed foods. All packaged fried foods in the supermarket are cooked with vegetable oils.

And we don’t know the process behind it. Boil or bake the fresh . And you will notice better taste than cooked with vegetable oil.

source: HealthyFoodHeadlines