World-renowned media focus on nutrition and healthy lifestyle has made a mess when they said that the worst foods you cannot eat.

People today consume poisoned food, sometimes in large quantities, and usually have no idea what actually eat. Such an attitude towards food is the cause of many diseases today.

One of these foods is chips, which caused a sensation in the food world, because he was certain American media such as Natural News, Living traditionally, Healthy food house and many others declared the most poisonous food product in the food market in the world.

It would not be anything to just that food is not consumed by billions of people, and that in abnormal amounts. Yes, we all know that the chips unhealthy, but it is so toxic that it is absolutely necessary to switch off from the daily diet, that no one is completely clear.

Many people are convinced that the chips are made from potatoes, but how these media said; this is far from the truth.

As they write, in the first stage of production ingredients such as rice, wheat, corn and potatoes flakes are mixed to form dough, which is then shaped into molds, then fried in boiling oil.

In the final phase of chips added flavorings, which are inherently toxic. Although all the ingredients for the mixture of which is to say genetically modified potato chips, because they are cheaper and more accessible, one of the most hazardous components in chips is not added to the manufacturing process, but the by-product processing.

It is acryl amide.

This is a dangerous carcinogen, which has long been known to cause cancer in animals, and it chips has them in abnormal amounts, far from the allowed rate, according to the above-mentioned media.

Until the creation of acryl amide comes when preparing food that has been exposed to thermal processing baking and roasting, which are particularly present in the chips because after baking at high temperatures and dry at a high temperature.

The fact is that all the food is processed at temperatures above 100 degrees this contains carcinogenic substances, and the level of these substances in the popular foodstuff that is taking the world so it is above the permissible that the 2005 California sued a factory for failing to warn their customers to hazards and toxins dangerous to human health that are found in food products.

source: HolisticWorldTricks