You might think that the worst thing that chewing gum can make is to damage your teeth.

But they can do a lot more damage to your body.

Dr. Joseph Mercola warns us of the following things …17kkomirlvfnvjpg


During chewing, swallowing, and up to three times more air that stays in your digestive tract and can cause cramps, gas and bloating. Chewing stimulates the production of stomach acid.


While you chew, open mouth, making a balloon, sometimes chewing gum touching and fingers … it all brings additional bacteria, and viruses that can cause health problems.

Weight gain

The flavor of chewing gum fruits and vegetables seems insipid and even bitter while seasoned, very salty foods and unhealthy, fatty snacks are becoming a lot more attractive.

Also, chewing the appetite making you feel hungry more quickly and reach for unnecessary calories.

It can damage the fork

Chewing can cause muscle imbalance in the jaw or TMJ (temporomandibular disorder jaw). Every time you use one muscles more than others, it can cause headaches, toothaches, muscle pain and ears …