Surely you’ve heard many times about how they are unhealthy. However, our body cannot live without salt. What are we supposed to enter, and in what quantity? So either sodium chloride ( NaCl – Sodium chloride) plays an important role in physiological processes and is essential for life and health.

All body fluids – blood, sweat, saliva and tears are salty. Our body cannot produce but we must enter through food. Lack of salt has through a chemical imbalance in the body.

Without salt, our muscular and nervous system ceased to function. However, it does matter what they consume. There is a big difference between processed (refined) and natural salt.

Himalayan salt is the only salt that has a perfect crystal structure. From such crystal structures of our body without much effort can easily and simply absorb all the valuable minerals and trace elements.What happens to your body when you consume Himalayan Salt?

 Why Himalayan Salt is healthy?

Consuming natural whole salt like Himalayan has beneficial effects on the whole organism. It is believed that Himalayan salt…

– Regulates the level of water in the body

– Supplies the body with nutrients

– Eject excess acid from cells

– A natural antihistamine

– Clearing the lungs supports a healthy respiratory function

– Reduces sinus congestion

– Regulates digestion

– Helps the absorption of food in the gut

– Balances the blood sugar level

– Regulates heart rate and blood pressure

– Preserves the health of blood vessels

– Protects the kidneys and gallbladder

– Helps relaxation and healthy sleep

– Prevents muscle spasms and maintains bones sturdy

source: Healthy Food Solution