High blood pressure or excessive stress is one of the most not unusual fitness problems, affecting a extraordinary wide variety of people.

In maximum instances, there are no specific signs for this situation, however however, a few people can revel in complications, vomiting, dizziness, short breath, blurry vision and nausea.

In case you don’t treat high blood pressure on time, it can result in extra critical fitness problems which includes memory loss, coronary heart assault, heart problems, stroke, atherosclerosis, and kidney harm.

The stress alters during the day by many factors along with genes, gender, age, etc. In keeping with the medical doctors, those values are associated with everyday pressure:

In men, via age:

  • to twenty years old — 123/seventy six
  • 20-30 years — 126/79
  • 30-forty years — 129/81
  • forty-50 years — one hundred thirty five/eighty three
  • 50-60 years — 142/85
  • Over 70 years — 142/eighty

In women, by using age:

  • to 20 years old — 116/72
  • 20-30 years — 120/seventy five
  • 30-forty years — 137/eighty four
  • forty-50 years — 137/eighty four
  • 50-60 years — 144/85
  • Over 70 years — 159/85

Watch this video on what blood pressure numbers imply: