Try one week, just one week and you will see later, says 57-year-old Michael Van Almsick that once the year is coming fast in the clinic Buchinger-Wilhelmi on the shores of Lake Constance near the Swiss.

In medical circles frequently challenged therapeutic method – starvation is very popular in Germany who’s health insurance in some cases covered the costs of such alternative methods.iStock_000015487525Medium

Starvation protects healthy cells from mice from the toxic effects of chemotherapy and stem cell stimulates the regeneration of damaged, old immune system.

The owner of a large PR agency in Munich, which will be organized by the Rolling Stones concert in Germany in the clinic for twenty years tended to his problems with being overweight and related chronic diseases.

Otto Buchinger (1878-1966) physician by which the named clinics, experimented with fasting to cure rheumatoid polyarthritis who was forced to leave office in 1917 navy doctor. His method was expanded and is popular in Germany.

Starvation prevents cardiovascular disease, helps in the treatment of asthma, arthrosis, chronic digestive diseases, some chronic respiratory infections or depressive states, say advocates.

Reliable scientific studies of this method are numerous, but one from 1991, published in the Lancet in 1991, deals with the effects of starvation on rheumatoid arthritis.

In Germany the book “Fasting to health and beauty” Helmut Luetznera (translated into Croatian) who once worked at Buchinger, sold more than two million copies since its publication 70s.

The fasting are taught in some university centers, including Charite Hospital in Berlin, where Professor Andreas Michalsen lead the department of natural healing methods.

The Germans are a bit obsessed with plants, organic farming, vegetarianism, yoga, healthy life, says Michalsen conducted cures fasting from 12 to 14 days, and covering them covered by health insurance.

An alternative approach derives from the romantics who believed in the power of self-healing and Lebensreforma” (reform of life) in the late 19th century, which was a response to galloping industrialization, says Michalsen.

Enter at regular intervals foods rich in calories novelty in human evolution,” he explains.0705-Hmbo-198ha6

California Professor Valter Longo 2008 showed that fasting protects healthy cells from mice from the toxic effects of chemotherapy, which is an optional amplifier interest starvation in Germany. The survey also reveals that starvation stimulates the regeneration of damaged stem cells, the old immune system.

In this way, the body is encouraged to replace old and damaged cells, explain American scientists who conducted the study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

When you starve, your body is trying to save energy, and one of the ways to preserve energy is to recycle a lot of cells that are not needed, especially those that might be damaged, said Professor Ma University of Southern California and an expert on longevity, Valter Longo.

The team under his leadership who conducted the study came to the following conclusion: a two-day to a four-post which is carried out every 6 months force the body to relocate so. phase survival. At this stages, the body reaches for stocks of fat and sugar, and also destroys old and damaged cells.

When the whole organism is severely damaged by chemotherapy or aging process itself, posts can generate a new immune system – literally, explains Professor Longo.

The last quarter-century diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure are treated with drugs that have been thrown on the market, and then withdrawn due to adverse side effects, says Michalsen and concludes the prevalence of this disease increases as we become older.p1198667

I am absolutely convinced that in ten years of starvation become very important, simply because traditional medicine has no answer to them.