As we all know sleeping is extremely important for good health.

But a new study has shown that sleeping in cold room can significantly improve  human health. Colder bedrooms could subtly transform your brown fat (considered good fats) in higher energy consumption and metabolism, even during the day.

A new study, published in July by the American Society of Diabetes, in collaboration with the National Institute of Health investigated the influence of controlled climate rooms in which slept five young men volunteer for several months.

Young men were living their standard lives, but in the evening they went to sleep in the Institute. All meals, including lunch they were secured in order to maintain the proper calorie intake. They slept under lightweight sheets.You Sleep During the Night in a Cold Room? Here is What can Happen to You!

During the first months, the researchers maintain room temperature 24 ° C, considering that neutral temperature will cause a reaction of the body.

Next month, the temperature of rooms reduced to 19 ° C, for which the researchers believed that the small frames stimulate brown fat (but not to cause shivering, which is a standard reaction at lower temperatures).

Next month, the temperature of the room is again returned to 24 ° C, in order to abolish all the effects of the cooler rooms, and at the end of last month, the temperature increased to 27 ° C. During the experiment, blood sugar, insulin levels and daily caloric intake was monitored, also after each month the amount of brown fat was measured.

The research shows that cold temperature changed their bodies considerably. What is most surprising, after sleeping at a temperature of 19 ° C, men are almost twice as increase the volume of their brown fat.

Their sensitivity to insulin, which is under the influence of a change in blood sugar, improves. Changes were slightly improved but this change is significant, says Francesco S. Celi, one of the researchers and a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.