What would be renounced all, if someone offered to throw away all your sources of stress in a magical garbage can?

The key to combating stress is not doing more to a situation that brings discomfort, but readiness to work less.

Some things you do in life, only aggravate the situation, and when you resort to such behavior, you actually topping up oiling on fire.

In stressful situations when you pressing concerns, make it easy for you by going with him to change these ten things: o-ANGRY-facebook

1. Remove the need to indulge others.

2. Stop contend.

3. Does not feel like you on all you need to immediately react, and some things can wait.

4. Allows yourself to be inaccessible to others, when you feel the need for it. It’s okay to sometimes reject the call to socialize.

5. Stops believes that you need just this one thing I do not have, to be happier and successful. It is not true that there is only one thing which is power so great that it rules your success and failure. There’s always a second chance.

6. Control your desire to show off. There are people who will see ourselves as we really are, and not have them prove. These are the only real!

7. Stops trying to be accepted by all. Never you will all accept and that’s fine. Your job is to accept this fact.

8. Remember that you do not need to know every detail. Life sometimes works in mysterious ways.

9. Dispose of the idea that you have to be perfect. Mistakes happen to everyone. It’s okay for someone to be a witness to your madness.

10. Does not induce yourself extra stress that it will consider himself responsible for all the people in your environment.

Believe that will help them merciful universal force of love and justice that is the same for everyone.

Providing to support and help others is wonderful, but when it starts to cause stress, it’s time to leave it to run its own course.

When you clone the burden of stress, discard some of that burden and you will receive new impetus, a fresh energy, you will be more open and expressive.

With this new energy and can help many people.